Harry & Olive Linder were the pioneers into spinning cotton.  They believed that every spinner could spin cotton, once they had an understanding of cotton’s unique characteristics and some basic techniques of spinning cotton.

Handspinning Cotton was self-published by the Linders in 1977 but soon went out-of-print after several printings.

It’s re-publication has long been overdue.  Two cotton spinning enthusiasts who were greatly influenced by the Linders, Irene Schmoller founder and owner of Cotton Clouds, Inc. and Joan S. Ruane of Southwest Corners and internationally recognized cotton spinning instructor have now joined forces and have re-published this treasured classic.

Much new information is now available to the current cotton spinner since the Linders first wrote this text.  Joan’s expertise in teaching spinning for over 30 years has guided her to update the information to appeal to today’s spinner with new and improved wheels, cotton spinning fibers and know-how.


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